Shadow Reef (achievement)

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Shadow Reef is an achievement that requires the player to complete all of the achievements regarding The Shadow Reef.

Achievements[edit | edit source]

Achievement Description Story mode
A Mini Shipment Loot the trunk in the Temple of Aminishi. Yes check.svg
Clenched Defeat the Ambassador without destroying any sinister fragments. X mark.svg
Crawfish Boil Disintegrate 12 crassian ritual keepers simultaneously during the Ambassador encounter. Yes check.svg
Demon Duty Defeat Yor'Ger the Deceiver while on a Kal'gerion demon slayer task. X mark.svg
Dextrous Crystal Defeat Taraket the Necromancer while the bloated monstrosity is still alive. X mark.svg
Get Shredded Defeat the Crassian Leviathan after taking at least 30,000 damage from its sweep attack. X mark.svg
Griefing the Reef Defeat every miniboss inside the Shadow Reef. Yes check.svg
Hail Hydra Hit the Crassian Leviathan using Ice Barrage. Yes check.svg
Happy Trails Defeat the Ambassador without anyone taking any damage from his purple corruption[sic] X mark.svg
Harassing the Crassian Defeat the Crassian Leviathan after allowing it to fully regenerate from below half health. X mark.svg
Hydra Halitosis Defeat the Crassian Leviathan without ever being stunned. X mark.svg
I'm the Masuta Now Defeat Masuta the Descended while wielding Masuta's warspear. X mark.svg
I've Got Your Face Defeat Quetzathog while wearing a black mask. X mark.svg
Instability Never Phased Me Defeat the Ambassador after surviving explosions from 4 unstable black holes. X mark.svg
Island Getaway Defeat Hanto while it is at least 4 tiles away from where it started. X mark.svg
Kraken the Whip Hit Boggoth using a lava whip's special attack. Yes check.svg
Monkey Sadness Defeat Bossy McBossface's first mate. X mark.svg
Of Kraken Ink Collect the following lore books from bosses inside the Shadow Reef. Yes check.svg
She Smells Sea Smells by the Sea Floor Show Shrine Maiden Elei some sushi. Yes check.svg
Sinister Crystal Defeat Taraket the Necromancer while the corpse carrier is still alive. X mark.svg
Tank and Spank Defeat Taraket the Necromancer while both the bloated monstrosity and corpse carrier are still alive. X mark.svg
The Black Stone Trilogy Defeat Seiryu the Azure Serpent, the Black Stone Dragon and the Ambassador consecutively. X mark.svg
Unworthy Dead Kill 15 summoned skeletons within 6 seconds during the encounter with Taraket the Necromancer. Yes check.svg

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