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Summoning[edit | edit source]

Settings - Skills & Experience - Summoning interface.png

Familiar Combat[edit | edit source]

  • Familiar combat mode
    • Choose how your familiar reacts to combat. You can still command your familiar to attack a target via the familiar interface.
      • Default: your familiar will respond to combat in its default manner.
      • Attack Same Target: Your aggressive familiar will always attack the same target as you.
      • Reactive: Your familiar will only attack in self defence.
      • Passive: Your familiar will remain passive during combat.

Familiar Interaction[edit | edit source]

Settings - Skills & Experience - Summoning interface 2.png

  • Automatically open familiar interface
    • Automatically open the familiar interface when summoning a familiar or legendary pet.
  • Automatically close familiar interface
    • Automatically close the familiar interface when a familiar or legendary pet is dismissed, or when a familiar dies or runs out of time.
  • Hide familiar options
    • Hides options for Summoning familiar from interaction menu.
  • Familiar interaction
    • Choose what happens when you select the familiar globe on the action bar with a familiar summoned.
      • Follower details: Open the familiar interface.
      • Special move: Use your familiar special move. Requires appropriate scroll.
      • Attack: Attach the selected target.
      • Call: Call your familiar closer to you.
      • Dismiss: Dismiss your familiar.
      • Take BoB: Take items stored in your familiar. Requires Beast of Burden familiar.
      • Give BoB: Give your backpack items to your familiar to store. Requires Beast of Burden familiar.
      • Renew: Renew your familiar.
      • Interact: Interact with your familiar to talk to them or perform an emote.
      • Restore points: Restore your summoning points. Requires completion of elite Ardougne tasks.
  • Pet interaction
    • Call follower
    • Dismiss
    • Interact
  • Legendary pet interaction
    • Follower details
    • Call follower
    • Dismiss
    • Take BoB
    • Give BoB
    • Interact