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Construction[edit | edit source]

Settings Skills POH.png

  • Teleport arrival location:
    • Select where the Player-Owned Home teleport spell will take you. (House or Portal)
  • Initial door state
    • Always open doors upon entering your Player-Owned Home.
  • Building mode
    • Add or remove furniture and rooms within your Player-Owned Home. This can take a few seconds to apply, but will untick automatically if it fails.

Aquarium Settings[edit | edit source]

  • Gaining Prawn Balls
    • Gain Prawn Balls while fishing (Level 63 Construction required).
  • Featherless Fly Fishing
    • Choose the type of fish your prawn perk will grant you. You must first unlock this perk from the Aquarium. (Trout/Salmon or Rainbow Fish)
  • Catching Great White Sharks
    • You will be able to catch Great White Sharks. You must first unlock this perk from the Aquarium.