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This page is a subcategory of Settings.

Legacy Modes[edit | edit source]

Settings - Legacy - Legacy Modes interface.png

These settings are only available on desktop

Change to different interface and combat modes, for those who prefer how things used to be.

  • Legacy Combat Mode
    • Simplified combat, removing abilities and similar to Old School combat. Only melee special attacks are available.
  • Legacy Interface Mode
    • Change the interface to a fixed layout that more closely resembles Old School RuneScape, and how the game looked before early 2011. This will disable interface layout customisation if active.
  • Legacy Interface Skin
    • Use the legacy colour scheme on the default interface system. This will not affect your ability to customise the interface.
  • Legacy Map Icons
    • Use the legacy icons on the minimap and worldmap. Map icons were updated in 2014.
  • Slayer counter (legacy mode)
    • Show the number of creature kills required for Slayer Tasks.
  • Use XP speech bubbles
    • A speech bubble graphic will appear overhead when gaining XP.

Retro skillcapes[edit | edit source]

Settings retroskillcapes.png

The settings in this category allow you to switch between using old and new models when you equip the respective skillcape.

  • All skillcapes and the quest cape have a toggle here.

Warning Screens[edit | edit source]

Settings Bank Shops.png

Bank PIN Settings[edit | edit source]

  • High risk area entry
    • Requires Bank PIN to have been entered during the session, before entering dangerous locations.
  • High value drop warning
    • Requires Bank PIN to have been entered during the session, before dropping high value items.
  • Require PIN every login
    • Require Bank PIN to be reentered every new session. (Only if logged out for over 10 minutes.)

Item Value Confirmation[edit | edit source]

  • Buy warning value
    • Display confirmation message if buying an item from a shop valued over this amount.
      Minimum value 100,000.
  • Sell warning value
    • Display a confirmation message if selling an item to a shop valued over this amount.
      Minimum value 30,000.

Doomsayer warnings - each warning must be received multiple times before they can be turned off.[edit | edit source]

Main article: Doomsayer

Settings doomsayer.png

The settings in this category relate to locations in-game. When enabled you will receive a warning when travelling to one of these locations.

You must receive each warning multiple times before it can be turned off.