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This page is a subcategory of Settings.

Chat Customisation[edit | edit source]

Settings Social Chat Customisation.png

  • Enter quick chat
    • When the enter message box is selected and is empty, use [Enter] as a shortcut to access quick chat.
    • Only available on desktop.
  • Local timestamps in chat box
    • Show your local time next to to chat messages.
    • This may be different to the clock interface, which shows the UTC time.
  • Hide public chat effects in game view
    • All player overhead chat will appear the same colour with no special effects.
  • Prefix for clan and friends chat
    • Each option is displayed in the following formats:
    • Full:[MyClanName] MyName: MyMessage
    • Short:[CC] MyName: MyMessage
    • Off:MyName: MyMessage
  • Split private chat
    • Fully customise the interfaces and overlays to your own preferences.
    • Only available on desktop.
  • Chat Box text size
    • Choose the size of the chatbox text. (11, 13, 15, or 17)
    • Only available on desktop.
  • Wiki button visibility
    • Show the wiki button in the local chat box.
    • If disabled, you can still search the wiki with the /wiki command.
    • Only available on desktop.

Custom Message Colours[edit | edit source]

Players can pick the colours used for Public, Friends, Private, Clan, Guest clan, Group, Group (team), Global Broadcast, World Broadcast, and Friend Broadcast.

Default Colours[edit | edit source]

  • Default colours
    • Reset all chat colours to their default values.