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This page is a subcategory of Settings Messages & Social.

Broadcasts - World[edit | edit source]

Choose which world broadcasts appear from other players while playing.

  • Drops
    • E.g. boss drops, boss pets, skilling pets.
  • Drops - Treasure Trail
    • E.g. second age armour, third age armour, Orlando Smith's hat.
  • Milestones - Level
    • E.g. 99 in a skill, 138 combat.
  • Milestones - XP
    • E.g. 1 billion XP, virtual 120 XP.
  • Milestones - Capes
    • E.g. quest cape.
  • Feats
    • E.g. drop log completion, silver 'Warden' title, golden 'Warden' title.
  • Special
    • E.g. 'Jack of Blades' title, 'Jack of Trades' title, 'Salty' title, 'Sandy' title, Vinny pet, Effy pet, chromatic partyhat.