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This page is a subcategory of Settings Messages & Social.

Accept Aid[edit | edit source]

Settings Social Accept Aid.png

Main article: Accept Aid

Decide which players can offer to aid or assist you in various ways. (Everybody, Friends and Clan, Nobody)

  • Invitations
    • Controls social Slayer, linking Dominion Tower medallions, receiving items in Stealing Creation, inviting players to private hunting grounds, receiving a treasure chest key, and receiving clan meeting invitations.
  • Assistance requests
    • Assist lower-level players by allowing them to access level-locked skill training methods that someone has unlocked. Gain XP for their actions while assisting.

Spells and Teleport Assists[edit | edit source]

  • Tele-other
    • Controls group teleport and tele-other spells.
  • Lunar spells
    • Controls non-teleport group effects from the Lunar spellbook.
  • Seren spells
    • Controls group effects from the Seren spellbook.

Other Assists[edit | edit source]

  • Beneficial boosts
    • Controls Clan Battlefield healing potions, butterfly effects, and social Slayer potion sharing options.
  • Miscellaneous
    • Controls the capoeira dance, receiving a Lily of the valley, opening a glowing cracker, and receiving frisbees.