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Inventory[edit | edit source]

Settings Inventory.png

  • Drag to drop items.
    • Drag and drop items onto the gameworld to drop or destroy them.
  • Dynamic backpack columns
    • Set a fixed maximum number of columns for the inventory item slots. Set it to 0 to calculate this automatically. (0-28)
    • This setting is only available for desktop.
  • Gain XP from lamp warning
    • Display a confirmation dialogue when redeeming an XP lamp.

Inventory Management[edit | edit source]

  • Auto-teleport current skilling urn and accumulators when full.

Destroy Empty Containers[edit | edit source]

  • Destroy empty containers when cooking
  • Destroy empty bowls when eating
  • Destroy empty pie dishes when eating
  • Destroy empty beer glasses when drinking
  • Destroy empty vials when drinking the final dose of a potion
  • Destroy empty empty vials when mixing potions
  • Destroy empty vials when decanting potions
  • Destroy empty plant pots when farming
  • Destroy empty buckets when farming