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Game Interaction[edit | edit source]

Settings Game Interaction.png

Change the behaviour of game interaction and available options[edit | edit source]

  • Mouseover text
    • Display tooltips for game objects under the mouse cursor. Shows default action and item information.
    • This setting is only available on the desktop, not through mobile.
  • Walk Markers
    • Displays an icon in the gameworld to indicate where you will walk to.
  • Show extra potion information on tooltip
    • Shows more information about potion effects on a potion's tooltip
  • One-button/Single tap gameplay
    • Always display the interaction menu on left click.
    • This settings controls whether the interaction menu is shown when left-clicked on the desktop client, or tapped on the mobile client.
  • Hide cogs on augmented items
    • Hides cog icons for augmented Invention items.
  • Click/Tap-through chat boxes
    • On desktop, allow interactions with the gameworld through the chat box interface.
    • On mobile, tapping on the chat box background will tap on what's behind the chat box.
  • Upper-left hover text
    • Display text for default action on game objects under the mouse cursor.
    • This setting is only available for desktop.
  • Disable shortcuts to close windows
    • Shortcut keys will highlight the window instead if open.
    • This setting is only available for desktop.

Cutscenes[edit | edit source]

  • Skip boat cutscenes
    • Cutscenes will not longer occur when travelling by boat.