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Buff Bar[edit | edit source]

Settings Buff Bar.png

Change which icons are displayed in the buff and debuff bars and how they are displayed.

Bar Display Settings[edit | edit source]

  • Icon size
    • The size of an icon in the buff/debuff pane.

Bar Filters[edit | edit source]

  • Boss specific
    • Includes bespoke effects from bosses.
  • Boosts
    • Includes boosts such as stat boosts and Guthixian Cache rewards.

Combat Effects[edit | edit source]

  • Potions
    • Includes all potions.
  • Prayers
    • Includes any prayers not displayed overhead.
  • Overhead prayers
    • Includes any prayers displayed overhead.
  • Offensive abilities
    • Includes abilities such as Sever and Slaughter.
  • Defensive abilities
    • Includes abilities such as Anticipation and Freedom.
  • Item effects
    • Includes potion and scrimshaw effects.
  • Pet effects
    • Includes timers for familiars and legendary pets.
  • Auras
    • Includes equipped aura effects.
  • Status effects
    • Includes stun and poison effects.

Skill Effects[edit | edit source]

  • Skilling
    • Includes clan avatar and Thieving cooldown effects.
  • Invention perks
    • Includes perks such as aftershock, devoted and crackling.