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This page is a subcategory of Settings.

Targeting[edit | edit source]

Settings Combat Targeting.png

Change how you interact with the combat system.

  • Show target information
    • Display target information when your cursor is over a target.
  • Target reticules
    • Display an active target marker on the floor when attacking a target.

Target Cycling Keybinds[edit | edit source]

Only available on desktop

  • Cycle target - Forwards keybind (Opens Keybind)
  • Cycle target - Backwards keybind (Opens Keybind)
  • Direct targeting keybind (Opens Keybind)

Target Cycling Settings[edit | edit source]

  • Targeting mode
    • The pattern is used when cycling through targets
    • Radial - Selection in rings surrounding your character
    • Conal - Selection in a conal arc from your character in the direction the camera faces.
  • Maximum target distance
    • Maximum distance from the player that a target can be cycled to. (2-9)
  • Set maximum target distance to weapon distance
    • Uses the distance of the current weapon as the maximum target distance.
  • PvP area target selection
    • Types of targets that can be cycled to (NPCs and Players, Players only, NPCs only)