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This page is a subpage of Settings. Players can select one of three combat modes, in decreasing level of user involvement and damage done.

  • Full manual.png
    Full Manual mode requires each ability to be triggered manually, as in previous incarnations of the ability system. This gives the greatest control to players and gives the best damage output, but it also is the most click-intensive.
  • Revolution.png
    Revolution mode automatically triggers the first cooled-down basic ability in your first nine action bar slots which you have the requirements to use. Other basic, threshold and ultimate abilities can also be used without turning off Revolution. The revolution window can be resized, and basic, threshold and ultimate abilities can all be triggered. This offers a high damage output comparable to Full Manual mode, without requiring each ability to be clicked manually.
  • Legacy Mode is the old combat system before Evolution of Combat. This mode allows you to hit more consistently, but limits your abilities to only special attacks.

Combat Mode[edit | edit source]

Settings Combat Mode.png

Change which style of combat you use.

  • Full Manual
    • Trigger all abilities manually for full control.
  • Revolution
    • Automate ability usage on the main action bar. Manual input overrides automation until it is activated.
  • Legacy Combat Mode
    • Simplified combat, removing abilities and closer to Old School combat. Only melee special attacks are available.
  • Show HUD combat mode icon.
    • Display a HUD icon for the current combat mode.

Revolution Combat and Abilities[edit | edit source]

  • Revolution size
    • Set how many slots on the action bar are automatically used in revolution combat mode (1-14)
    • This setting is only available is Revolution is the combat mode used.

Automated Ability Activation[edit | edit source]

  • Automatically trigger basic abilities
  • Automatically trigger threshold abilities
  • Automatically trigger ultimate abilities

Familiar Combat[edit | edit source]

  • Familiar combat mode
    • Choose how your familiar reacts to combat. You can still command your familiar to attack a target via the familiar interface.
      • Default: your familiar will respond to combat in its default manner.
      • Attack Same Target: Your aggressive familiar will always attack the same target as you.
      • Reactive: Your familiar will only attack in self defence.
      • Passive: Your familiar will remain passive during combat.