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Sergeant Mazakon was a male icyene commander for Saradomin in the Gielinorian God Wars. He had dark blue skin, and while he was a capable fighter he had been crippled, having lost an arm and leg and could not use his broken wings to fly. He had replacement limbs created from pottery that was used to create the golems of Uzer, a supposedly common practice for icyene during the God Wars.

He is featured heavily in the lore The Song From Before The War. He led a troop of soldiers and the singer Elspeth to a village present-day Al Kharid which was led by Elder Tasgall to rally troops to Saradomin's cause. He presented Elspeth as being part icyene, telling her to sing in order to recruit. However, Elder Tasgall objected to the heavy recruitment, feeling that taking so many only to be slaughtered on the seemingly unmoving front line was pointless, and that so many only signed up as Elspeth had enchanted them. Sergeant Mazakon dismissed his concerns, stating his short human lifespan prevented him from seeing the full picture.

That night, the village was attacked by the Ripper, a deadly assassin ripper demon working for Zamorak. It slew many in the village, including Elder Tasgall, and heavily wounded Sergeant Mazakon, who had engaged it in combat. Mazakon yelled at Elspeth to sing, calling her useless as he did so. She sang and the demon retreated.

Mazakon later succumbed to his wounds. On orders of Elspeth, his body was left outside the village for the Ripper to see, under the belief that he had been the Ripper's target. The Ripper came and further desecrated Mazakon's body, but did not leave until it had killed its actual target: Elspeth. [1]

He has a gravestone at the Icyene Graveyard, found during The Lord of Vampyrium, which has an inscription Here lies noble Mazakon, sergeant of the 73rd, caster of demon-ash to the Kharidian winds. upon being examined.

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