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Not to be confused with Corrupted Seren Stone.
Location of the Seren stones

Seren stones are crystalline rocks in the Trahaearn Clan district of Prifddinas that require level 89 Mining (boostable) to mine from. They produce Corrupted ore, which can then be smelted with level 89 Smithing to gain Smithing xp. The smelting process does not produce any bars, instead simply destroying the ore as it is cleansed of corruption.

Seren stones provide higher mining XP relative to other rocks due to their 1.2 xp multiplier (Compared to .84 for Light and Dark animica) which is increased by a further 20% while the Voice of Seren is affecting the Trahaearn Clan district.

Unlike other ores, the Corrupted ore you receive from mining Seren Stones stacks. This allows for a very AFK way of training Mining as it removes the need to bank. Unlike core metal rocks in the game, Seren stones are not affected by rockertunities.

There are three ways to mine Seren stones. Either fully AFK, letting the stamina bar deplete without resetting it often, semi-AFK, resetting it every so often, or 4-Ticking the rock, and thus not letting the stamina bar deplete at all. Depending on your method, your experience rates will be affected.

*The following experience rates might be inaccurate due to the mining rework*

Mining Seren stones gives up to 125,000 experience an hour using a crystal pickaxe with level 99 Mining and no other bonuses. With a lava titan, gemstone golem outfit, and master quarrymaster aura or above, consistent rates of 200,000 Mining experience can be obtained, with the Trahaearn Voice of Seren increasing this to almost 250,000. Mining urns are filled when mining Seren stones.

Smelting corrupted ore gives 160 experience in smithing. This gives a base xp of approximately 230k xp/hour. This can be boosted by using decorated smelting urns, the Blacksmith's outfit outfit, 6% clan avatar boost and a 3% wise boost to 310k xp/hour, which is increased by a further 20% to 356k xp/hour while the Voice of Seren is affecting the Trahaearn Clan district.

You can smelt up to 60 corrupted ores at once, which takes 144 seconds. This makes it a decent afk and free smithing training.

Mining 100 corrupted ore gives the title [Name] of the Trahaearn. Smelting 100 corrupted ore will give a smithing XP lamp from Lady Trahaearn.

Mining[edit | edit source]

Seren stone.png Seren stone
Mining levelMining-icon.png 89
OutputCorrupted ore
CoreX mark.svg
Rock stats
Base ore1

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patch 7 January 2019 (Update):
    • Starfury armour now increases the chance to get a critical swing when mining Seren stones.