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"Ancients" redirects here. For the prayers unlocked after The Temple at Senntisten, see Ancient Curses.
A player casting an Ancient Magicks teleport spell.

The Ancient Magicks are a branch of magic aligned to the gods Zaros and Seren, and form one of the three spellbooks in RuneScape. They are first accessible after the Desert Treasure quest, which rewards combat and teleport spells related to Zaros. After a higher-level quest, The Light Within, the spellbook gains additional spells that belong to Seren. Spells aligned to Zaros are mostly combat oriented, while Seren spells have more support or non-combat uses.

Background[edit | edit source]

Akthanakos, one of the original users of the Ancient Magicks, casting a teleport spell

The Ancient Magicks are a long forgotten and destructive set of spells. In the Second Age they were very commonly used, mostly by the followers of Zaros, who ruled a very large kingdom at that time.

The very destructive and powerful spells of the Ancient Magicks proved to be very useful during the wars in the era. The spellbook also contained various teleport spells which made it easier for the Zarosians to travel across their kingdom, which stretched from the northern Wilderness, to northern Misthalin and north-western Morytania. In game, the spellbook contains teleports which lead to places where the currently destroyed Zarosian fortresses once stood.

After Zaros' banishment, Zamorak, Saradomin, and other gods destroyed the entire kingdom. The destruction of the kingdom and the slow disappearance of runestones caused the Ancient Magicks to become a rarely used form of magic. During this time, only the Mahjarrat used Ancient Magicks, mostly because they didn't use runes.

A player casting the Ancient Magicks spell Ice Barrage

The God Wars held after Zaros' banishment saw the slow fade of the Ancient Magicks from common knowledge. Many of the remaining followers of Zaros, who comprised the majority of spell-casters, were killed or imprisoned. The powerful spells caused much destruction during the enormous battles, although the number of people who knew about the spells was extremely limited. Zuriel, one of the most powerful mages at that time and one of the few who still possessed the knowledge, devised the Miasmic spells, which at one time was the most powerful combat spell set.

Long after the end of the God Wars, at the beginning of the Fifth Age, the art of Runecrafting was rediscovered, giving humans a new supply of runes. New spells were invented by modern wizards of the Wizards' Tower, driving the ancient magicks even further into obscurity. Today, Ancient Magicks are used almost exclusively by the Mahjarrat, who have been driven close to extinction in Gielinor. A handful of people, including Zamorakians such as Solus Dellagar and Zenevivia, still possess the knowledge of Ancient Magicks. That said, most mages of Gielinor choose to practice the modern magic created at the Wizards' Tower. Players learn about the Ancient Magicks during the Desert Treasure quest, where they release the imprisoned Zarosian Mahjarrat Azzanadra.

Skill and quest requirements[edit | edit source]

Because unlocking the Ancient Magicks spellbook requires completion of the Desert Treasure quest, the following quests are also required:

Total level: 270
Attack ---- Constitution ---- Mining ----
Strength ---- Agility 15 Smithing 20
Defence ---- Herblore 10 Fishing ----
Ranged 40 Thieving 53 Cooking ----
Prayer 12 Crafting ---- Firemaking 50
Magic 50 Fletching 10 Woodcutting ----
Runecrafting ---- Slayer 10 Farming ----
Construction ---- Hunter ---- Summoning ----
Dungeoneering ---- Divination ---- Invention ----
Attack style icon fixed.png 33 Quest.png ---- Music icon fixed.png ----
Task icon fixed.png ---- RuneScore.png ----

Because of these quests, the skills required to obtain the Ancient Magicks can be seen in the table to the right.

The quest also requires ice gloves to wield a weapon against one of the bosses, which require 50 mining to acquire. The quest can be completed without them using ice arrows, but it is generally regarded as difficult and thus 50 mining could be considered an unlisted requirement for Desert Treasure.

For the Seren portion of the spellbook, players must complete The Light Within, which requires the following quests to be completed.

The quest also requires multiple level 80s, and Plague's End requires multiple level 75s to start.

Switching spellbooks[edit | edit source]

The altar at which player can switch between Ancient Magicks and the basic spellbook

Players can switch to Ancient Magicks at the altar inside the Jaldraocht Pyramid (simply "Pyramid" on the World Map) in the Kharidian Desert, southwest of Pollnivneach and north of Menaphos. There is a rear entrance (tunnel) to the south of the pyramid that allows players who have completed Desert Treasure to enter the throne room directly, where the altar is, without having to navigate the four floors of the pyramid. At the altar, players can pray, thus switching to or from the Ancient Magicks spellbook. This drains all Prayer points to zero (players can still switch spellbooks even with 0 Prayer points).

Those who simply wish to switch from Ancient Magicks to the regular spellbook may find it easier to pray at the Astral Altar on Lunar Isle and choose normal spellbook, provided Lunar Diplomacy has been completed.

Alternatively, players who have completed Plague's End can use the elven grimoire found within the magic shop in the Cadarn Clan district of Prifddinas to switch between standard spells and Ancient Magicks. This does not drain prayer points.

Players who have unlocked and crafted the book switcher from Invention, when in the vicinity of a bank, can consume the device to switch spellbooks.

Players who own the Magic cape can use the cape's perk when in the vicinity of a bank to switch to or from the Ancient Magicks spellbook.

Reaching the pyramid[edit | edit source]

Jaldraocht Pyramid entrances locations.png

Various methods of teleportation exist for reaching the Jaldraocht Pyramid:

Autocasting[edit | edit source]

Prior to the autocasting update on 2 September 2009, the Ancient staff was the only way to autocast Ancient Magicks combat spells. It can be obtained once from Eblis, who will sell it for 80,000 coins after the completion of Desert Treasure. Alternately, the staff can be bought on the Grand Exchange for 116,053 coins, or obtained as a drop from mummies. Upon release of the Evolution of Combat, the staff's original purpose was rendered obsolete. After the update it became a level 50 staff and provided a 10 percent increase to spell damage.

The Ancient Magicks combat spells are, as mentioned, the most dangerous combat spells in the game. Not only can they deal a substantial amount of damage, but each of the four classes of elemental spells has a different curse effect:

  • The Smoke spells (air) can reduce the target's chance to hit by 5% for 10 seconds.
  • The Shadow spells (earth) can lower the target's damage by 5% for 10 seconds.
  • The Blood spells (fire) can heal the caster 5% of the damage dealt to the target, and 3% of damage to secondary targets.
  • The Ice spells (water) can freeze the target in place and prevent it from moving for 10 seconds (2.4-9.6 seconds in PvP).

The effects have an estimated 10% chance to occur, for both auto-attacks and abilities; however, ice spells will always freeze targets on successful hit if cast as an auto-attack. The Dark Form ancient curse doubles this chance. Between the releases of the Evolution of Combat and Seren spells, all but the ice spells applied their effects on every auto-attack, but would never with abilities. Ice spells always froze the target with auto-attacks and abilities.

In addition, the Burst and Barrage spells are area-of-effect (AoE) if cast as an auto-attack, and will hit both the target and any other player or NPC standing in a 3x3 zone around the target. Damage to secondary targets is reduced, as is the healing from blood spells.[1] Rush and Blitz spells will only hit a single target.

Some monsters are large, meaning that they take up more than one square of space. When a Burst or Barrage spell is cast on one of these monsters, it will hit the monster plus any surrounding monsters within any square of space standing within a 3x3 zone of the targeted monster's south-westernmost corner square, which is treated as its "origin" square.

While less popular for general training, Ancient Magicks is often used in various player-versus-player activities, such as the TzHaar Fight Pit, Stealing Creation, Castle Wars, Fist of Guthix and Soul Wars. Ice spells, especially Ice Burst and Ice Barrage, are especially popular, due to their freezing effects.

Ancient Magicks are not allowed in Barbarian Assault.

Combat spells[edit | edit source]

The maximum hits listed here are the spells' base maximum hits, without any modifiers.

There are four ascending types of spells, these are: Rush, Burst, Blitz and Barrage. For these spell-types are 4 ancient 'elemental' variations for each spell type, in ascending order: Smoke, Shadow, Blood, and Ice.

Spell Image Magic Level Runes Required Description
Smoke Rush Smoke Rush.png 50 1Death3Air A powerful air spell, which also reduces the targets chance to hit by 5% for 10 seconds.
Shadow Rush Shadow Rush.png 52 1Death3Earth A powerful earth spell, which also reduces the target's damage dealt by 5% for 10 seconds.
Blood Rush Blood Rush.png 56 1Death3Fire A powerful fire spell, which also heals you for 5% of the damage dealt.
Ice Rush Ice Rush.png 58 1Death3Water A powerful water spell, which also prevents creatures from moving for 10 seconds, or players for 2.4 seconds.
Smoke Burst Smoke Burst.png 62 2Death4Air A powerful area air spell, which also reduces the targets chance to hit by 5% for 10 seconds.
Shadow Burst Shadow Burst.png 64 2Death4Earth A powerful area earth spell, which also reduces the targets damage dealt by 5% for 10 seconds.
Blood Burst Blood Burst.png 68 2Death4Fire A powerful area fire spell, which also heals you for 5% of the damage dealt.
Ice Burst Ice Burst.png 70 2Death4Water A powerful area water spell, which also prevents creatures from moving for 10 seconds, or players for 4.8 seconds.
Smoke Blitz Smoke Blitz.png 74 1Blood5Air A very powerful air spell, which also reduces the target's chance to hit by 5% for 10 seconds.
Shadow Blitz Shadow Blitz.png 76 1Blood5Earth A very powerful earth spell, which also reduces the target's damage dealt by 5% for 10 seconds.
Blood Blitz Blood Blitz.png 80 1Blood5Fire A very powerful fire spell, which also heals you for 5% of the damage dealt.
Ice Blitz Ice Blitz.png 82 1Blood5Water A very powerful water spell, which also prevents creatures from moving for 10 seconds, or players for 7.2 seconds.
Smoke Barrage Smoke Barrage.png 86 2Blood5Air A very powerful area air spell, which also reduces the target's chance to hit by 5% for 10 seconds.
Shadow Barrage Shadow Barrage.png 88 2Blood5Earth A very powerful area earth spell, which also reduces the target's damage dealt by 5% for 10 seconds.
Blood Barrage Blood Barrage.png 92 2Blood5Fire A very powerful area fire spell, which also heals you for 5% of the damage dealt.
Ice Barrage Ice Barrage.png 94 2Blood5Water A very powerful area water spell, which also prevents creatures from moving for 10 seconds, or players for 9.6 seconds.
Polypore Strike Polypore Strike icon.png 80 Magic 5Fire1Polypore spore A very powerful air spell.

Teleportation spells[edit | edit source]

Spell Icon Magic Level Runes Required Experience Description
Home Teleport Home Teleport icon.png 0 None 0 Teleport to the city hub of your choice.
Bounty Teleport Bounty Teleport.png 32 1Law1Death1Chaos Teleport yourself to the location of your bounty hunter target
Paddewwa Teleport Paddewwa Teleport icon.png 54 2Law1Fire1Air 64 Teleport yourself to the ancient city of Paddewwa (Edgeville).
Senntisten Teleport Senntisten Teleport icon.png 60 1Soul2Law 70 Teleport yourself to the ancient city of Senntisten (Varrock Digsite).
Kharyrll Teleport Kharyrll Teleport icon.png 66 1Blood2Law 76 Teleport yourself to the ancient city of Kharyrll (Canifis).
Lassar Teleport Lassar Teleport icon.png 72 2Law4Water 82 Teleport yourself to the ancient city of Lassar (Ice Mountain).
Dareeyak Teleport Dareeyak Teleport icon.png 78 2Law3Fire2Air 88 Teleport yourself to the ancient city of Dareeyak (Western Wilderness).
Carrallanger Teleport Carrallanger Teleport icon.png 84 2Soul2Law 94 Teleport yourself to the ancient city of Carrallanger (Graveyard of Shadows).
Annakarl Teleport Annakarl Teleport icon.png 90 2Blood2Law 100 Teleport yourself to the ancient city of Annakarl (Demonic Ruins).
Ghorrock Teleport Ghorrock Teleport icon.png 96 2Law8Water 106 Teleport yourself to the ancient city of Ghorrock (Ice Plateau).

Seren spells[edit | edit source]

All Seren spells are unlocked after completing The Light Within.

Combat spells[edit | edit source]

Spell Icon Level Runes Experience Description
Opal Aurora Opal Aurora.png 75 1Soul3Air N/A A simple air spell. On hit will find all prisms within a 3 square radius of the player and increase their duration by a small amount.
Prism of Restoration Prism of Restoration.png 76 6Soul2Blood6Astral 84 A prism which will periodically heal your familiar, recharge your familiars' special attack by 1 per cycle and restore summoning points by up to 10 per cycle, based on the distance from the prism. While within range you will also have a chance at saving a scroll when used. Players must be within 7 tiles to gain the effect.
Sapphire Aurora Sapphire Aurora.png 77 1Soul3Water N/A A simple water spell. On hit has a chance to find all prisms within a 3 square radius of the player and give a small buff to their ability when they next activate.
Intercept Intercept.png 77 2Soul2Earth3Air 80 Place a ward on an ally for 10 seconds, you will take all damage they would receive with a 5% reduction in damage.
Emerald Aurora Emerald Aurora.png 79 1Soul3Earth N/A A simple earth spell. On hit will give the caster a small Damage Reduction buff. By 1% per stack, up to 5 stacks.
Prism of Salvation Prism of Salvation.png 80 6Soul2Blood6Astral 89 A prism which when clicked will allow any player to teleport to it. Must be within 8 tiles to use.
Ruby Aurora Ruby Aurora.png 81 1Soul3Fire N/A A simple fire spell. On hit has a chance to increase damage output, by 1% per stack up to 3 stacks, to all other players within a 2 tile radius from the caster.
Prism of Loyalty Prism of Loyalty.png 82 6Soul2Blood6Astral 97 A prism which allows players to store their lifepoints in. Any player that comes within 5 tiles of the prism, with less than 25% health will transfer the prism's health to the player, healing them up to the maximum lifepoints this prism is holding.
Shield Dome Shield Dome.png 84 3Soul3Earth3Water 87 Create an energy shield for 15s that will protect all players within it, reducing damage by up to 50%. Each different shield following this will have diminishing returns that reset after 2 minutes.

Skilling spells[edit | edit source]

Spell Icon Level Runes Experience Description
Prism of Dowsing Prism of Dowsing.png 86 3Soul3Nature3Fire3Earth 103 A prism which will draw wisps to it. While harvesting from the wisps within 2 tiles of the prism the player will have a better chance to obtain an enriched version.
Rapid Growth Rapid Growth.png 88 3Soul3Nature3Earth3Water 95 Target herb, tree or fruit tree farming patch grows by one step. Can only be cast on the same patch once per day.
Crystallise Crystallise.png 88 6Soul6Chaos6Fire6Water 95 Target trees, mining locations, fishing spots and full box traps will make them crystallised, meaning you get increased xp for gathering from it, but no resources. This effect will last for 30 seconds.
Crystal Mask Crystal Mask.png 90 4Soul5Body6Fire7Earth 112 Create a mask that will bolster your ability to avoid being spotted by your pickpocket targets and has a chance to protect you from being harmed by them. This effect will last for 5 minutes.
Spellbook Swap Spellbook Swap icon.png 96 1Law2Cosmic3Astral 130 Allows you to cast a single spell from the Standard or Lunar spellbooks.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Before the release of the Seren spells, the only combination runes useful for the Ancient Magicks were Smoke runes, as the Paddewwa and Dareeyak Teleports were the only spells to use more than one elemental rune.
  • On the day of release, these spells had a glitch where every spell, along with the original effects, would freeze opponents.
  • The animation of the Daemonheim teleport that can be done with the ring of kinship is similar to (except for the colour) the Ancient Magicks teleport - and looks similar to the Pharaoh's sceptre's teleport animation. This may suggest a common (teleportation) principle or origin.
  • Each Ancient Magicks spell has a unique sound.
  • The Dungeoneering spellbook includes spells from both the regular and Lunar spellbooks, but none from the Ancient Magicks spellbook.
  • If your membership expires whilst the Ancient Magicks spellbook activated then it will return to the regular spellbook, even when you re-activate your membership.
  • During the early stages of the Evolution of Combat, the spells were called Gale, Rock, Bloodfire and Ice respectively, and Miasmic spells were removed. Before the Evolution of Combat, all the spells had different effects too: Smoke poisoned the target (poison damage has been removed), Shadow lowered the target's Attack, Blood healed you for 25% (now only 5%) of damage inflicted by you on your opponent, and Ice's freezing time varied depending on how strong the spell was (now all Ice spells freeze for 10 seconds when cast on NPCs and varies depending on spell with players), and Miasmic halved melee and ranged attack speed. In early 2014, the name changes were reverted, but the effects were not.

References[edit | edit source]

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