Seren's garden

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Seren's garden is the unofficial name given to the garden located south of the Archaeology Guild. It was built by the Crux Eqal on the directive of Seren and the Council of Burthorpe to appease Bik and deal with the threat to all life by the Elder Gods.[1][2] It was the location of the 2021 Easter event.

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  1. ^ Thaerisk Cemphier, "2021 Easter event", RuneScape.
    • Thaerisk Cemphier: Seren and the Council of Burthorpe commissioned us to create this garden.
    • Player: It seems quite focused around Guthix.
    • Thaerisk Cemphier: Well of course, we are druids, after all. We do everything we can to promote the ideals that Guthix lived and died for. We're holding a celebration for the good omen that this tree represents.
  2. ^ Seren, "Desperate Times", RuneScape. "But now is the time that we must come together and appease the elders and save us all. I propose we start simple and turn our attention first to the elder god Bik. Bik is the elder god most associated with nature and plant life. [...] And this I believe shows how we can reach her. How we can find a common ground to appease her. I propose that we create a great garden. A place where nature and beauty can thrive, without the interruption of civilisation."