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Selemone, also referred to as Selenome, was an icyene who lived on an island in the Icyenic realm of Hallow around the end of the God Wars. She and Domus were farmers in a small island community[1], which also included Aserima, Liamenes and likely Ceremino prior to their death. She, along with Aserima and Liamenes, was killed in a rebel attack[2] shortly after the end of the God Wars.[3]

References[edit | edit source]

  1. ^ The Book of Saradomin, written by Domus, page 1, RuneScape. "It was a dark time to be an icyene. Saradomin was in another plane, far from us, and the warriors were with him. It was left to Selenome and I to tend the two active farms left on our island. But hard work has never fazed me, not in all my years."
  2. ^ The Book of Saradomin, written by Domus, page 9, RuneScape. "Thirteen Icyene died that day - seven rebels, two warriors and the priest. Of the villagers, young Aserima and her brother Liamenes fell."
  3. ^ The Book of Saradomin, written by Domus, page 4, RuneScape. "He was a former soldier, one of the few to escape Gielinor. He had good news: the war was over!"