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The seers' ring is one of the four Fremennik rings, and is dropped by Dagannoth Prime in the Waterbirth Island Dungeon.

The seers' ring was once considered to be the most powerful ring for mages to use. Due to the release of Mobilising Armies, the seers' ring (i), onyx ring (i), lunar ring (i), and dragonstone ring (i) either offer better magical bonuses or an additional armour rating. Mages with less money can use the beacon ring, which is obtained in What Lies Below, or the TokKul-Zo which is obtained from the Elder Kiln quest.

This ring can be imbued at Soul Wars into seers' ring (i) by providing the seers' ring to Zimberfizz or Zanik at a cost of 8 zeal. Alternatively, players can imbue it via Stanley Limelight Traders for 180 thaler. This increases its magic bonus from 17 to 25.

When received with CoinShare active, the Seers' ring will be dropped as 120 Seers' ring shards split evenly among the players and sent directly to their banks. 120 shards can be combined to create this item.

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Price history[edit | edit source]

The price of the Seers' ring dropped dramatically after the release of the quest The World Wakes, due to one of its rewards, the Sixth-Age circuit, offering the same stats but providing a more well-rounded boost at no cost to the player.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The imbued ring used to be a reward from Mobilising Armies, and as such, used to be harder to obtain.