Security casket (CS Week)

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The security casket (CS Week) is a reward for completing the clue scroll (CS Week), and is given alongside a normal casket. The security casket can only be opened if the player has a Bank PIN and has the RuneScape Authenticator activated on their account. It is destroyed after opening.

When opened on a free world, it will give two rewards, while opening it on a members' world gives four or five. For free players the rewards were chosen from easy Treasure Trails rewards, while members would get rewards from easy, medium and hard ones. Rewards also scaled up with the player's total level. The ring of Luck, wealth, fortune, luck of the Dwarves and hazelmere's signet ring may increase the reward received from this casket.

Six free inventory slots are required to open this casket.

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Free world[edit | edit source]

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