Second Battle of Barendir

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With the stalemate on the Chaos Dwarf Battlefield, The Red Axe sent a suicide bomber into the Lava Flow Mine causing heavy damage to the boilers (which were repaired) and the deaths and injuries to several miners. More deaths were avoided due to the intervention of the adventurer.

With growing unrest against the Consortium, led by Hreidmar, the dwarves turned to an old Azdaran Fragment about how in times of a trouble, only a king should rule. Hreidmar was aware that he was the legitimate heir to the throne. After investigations and interference by the adventurer, Veldaban, and Meike, Veldaban was made to appear the next legitimate heir to the throne.

Meanwhile, dwarven scouts notice the Red Axe army assembled near the Barendir Caves and deploy the First Division of Dwarven Black Guard with a Dwarf multicannon. But, without reinforcements, Colonel Grenda doubts they could hold off the attack.

Colonel Grimsson arrives and the adventurer and Veldaban duel him, and chase him away back to his own lines.

With the need for reinforcements, Veldaban suggests the adventurer help form an alliance with the trolls in the caves, under the leadership of Pretty Flower. The adventurer impresses the trolls and manages to trick Pretty Flower into attacking The Red Axe army.

Battle[edit | edit source]

Details of the battle are limited as the trolls attack The Red Axe Army, defeating them and the news is relayed to a waiting crowd in Keldagrim.

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

With news of the battle coming in, the Consortium step down as the ruling body of the city, and after unsealing the records, announce Veldaban as king. Veldeban then orders Hreidmar to be arrested, but he escapes into the crowd.