Second Al Kharid-Menaphos War

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The Second Al Kharid-Menaphos War was a series of conflicts between Al Kharid and Menaphos instigated by the Pharaoh of Menaphos following his corruption by Amascut. The Pharaoh had ended the previous war and tried to right the wrong of his forebearers, but his call for aid from the gods lead to Amascut taking control of him. At some point following his corruption, the Pharaoh cut support to the rest of the desert, ended all trade, shut the city off from the rest of the world, and then shortly afterwards declared war.[1] [3] It is suspected that the war was engineered by Amascut for the sole purpose of obtaining the Kharid-Ib from Al Kharid.[1]

Around 164 of the Fifth Age, the war ended, and Menaphos and Al-Kharid were left with an unstable treaty.[2]

However, despite the fact that the war was officially over, hostilities between the two cities remained high. Even today, the people of Al Kharid would not be welcome in Menaphos and vice versa.[4][5] The peace between the two is described as 'shaky' and either polis would attempt to profit from political unrest in the other if the chance arose.[6]

In 169, Amascut kidnapped Prince Ali Mirza of Al Kharid and sent an ambassador from Menaphos, Jabari, to kill Ali's father Emir Shah so that the nation would be forced to pay the ransom she demanded: the Kharid-ib. Otherwise, the leaderless emirate would be conquered by Menaphos and the war rekindled. Although Shah did die and the Kharid-ib was lost to Amascut, the prince was rescued by an adventurer, Ozan and Leela, and succeeded his father as emir. As Jabari was acting on Amascut's orders, the actual involvement of Menaphos and the pharaoh is unknown. The "ambassador's" claim that he was acting as a peace envoy for the pharaoh therefore remains open to doubt. Over the course of that same year, Scabaras and Apmeken both returned to the desert, and the latter's senses were restored, as was the desert monkey colony.

References[edit | edit source]

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