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A siren seasinger

A Seasinger is a kind of sorcerer, often a siren,[1] able to control the sea and its inhabitants through music. They are primarily found in the Wushanko Isles, where they are highly sought-after by seafarers for their abilities, particularly by the ruling khans, who may employ dozens at a time.[2] According to Umi, this may come with the prestigious benefit of allowing the seasigner to sleep in the khan's palace.[3] Seasinger equipment, as the name would imply, originates with them.

Training to become a seasinger usually takes years of practice.[2] Tuai Leit is one of the places that they may be educated. As seasinging is based on music, some seasingers may elect to travel in search of inspiration and new impressions.[4]

The term seasinger appears to include a social dimension, beyond simply possessing the characteristic abilities. Sea Witch Kaula used to be known as a seasinger when she was a respected member of her community, but was labelled a "sea witch" - no longer to be considered a seasinger - once she purportedly began luring sailors to their doom and was deemed dangerous by the community.[5] The term Sea Witch is also used to refer to some of the human inhabitants of Winds' Home who create heavy winds around the island.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Seasingers' abilities include the power to change currents, create storms, and to share ones consciousness with sea creatures. Seasingers can usually only bond with one creature at a time, however, and they have to be close to the creature in question. The exception to this rule was Quin, who was able to use the Elder Horn to control all the sea monsters in the Wushanko Isles at once.[6][7] As seasinging is based on singing, deaf sea creatures cannot be controlled by anyone, Quin included.[8] Not all seasingers are equally adept at bonding with a sea creature. It is analogous to a relationship, with some being better at forming personal connections than others.[9]

Although they have potent magical abilities, seasingers are usually not skilled combatants, especially not on land.[10]

References[edit | edit source]

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