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Seal (Heimland Games) only appears during certain events and may not be currently found in game.
For other usages, see Seal (disambiguation).

Seals are non-player characters encountered in the Land of Snow during the 2010 Christmas event. Although they do not play a direct role in the event itself, they can be found near the ice sliding area in the Land of Snow as part of the Heimland Games.

Seals appear identical to the player after they have been transformed by the trinket of sealification as part of the event or are using the Seal of Approval emote. The seals themselves cannot be interacted with in any way except through the examine option.

When using the trinket of sealification, you can transform into four different designs of seals. The first is a medium-brown colour with a yellow backpack. The second is a paler brown that has a purple backpack, and the third design is a dark brown with white strips around its belly and a blue backpack. Then, the last design is white with a brown backpack. After you turn into the seal, you have to make it through a puzzle, where your seal has to weave through an ice "rink" avoiding swirly blue portals. If you hit a portal, you poof back to the beginning of the course, and have to redo the puzzle.

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