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The Scripture of Jas is a book held in the pocket slot, and is the God book aligned with Jas. Unlike other god books it is not purchased from Jossik, but instead it is obtainable as a drop from Kerapac, the bound within the Nodon Front, one of the four fronts in the Elder God Wars Dungeon. It is dropped in a tradeable state, and when unlocked it becomes untradeable with full charge. It does not work in PvP.

When lost upon death in the wilderness, the Scripture of Jas disappears completely.

Book info[edit | edit source]

Combat stats[edit | edit source]

Passive[edit | edit source]

The Scripture of Jas can be activated like scrimshaw to provide a passive combat effect. The book can be recharged with Manuscript of Jas, giving 45 minutes of active time per page.

Time Rift - When it activates it creates a time rift, and for 10 seconds all damage from the player's abilities while the time rift is active gets stored. Once the rift closes, 20% of the total damage is applied to the player's opponent in a single hit. Note that the time rift does not prevent the player from dealing damage when it is active.

Testing of the passive has shown that it has a 7.5% chance to activate per hit, and it has a 15 second cooldown once activated before it can activate again.

DPM increase estimate[edit | edit source]

Non-Legacy mode combat has 45-85 hits per minute depending on how many multi-hit abilities like greater ricochet and channelled abilities are used. This leads to 45-85 chances to proc. Combat can be split into three discrete phases:

  1. Time rift is not yet active and a proc is possible.
  2. A proc is currently not possible because it has procced recently and is on cooldown.
  3. Time rift has activated, and damage is being stored for ten seconds.

Phase 1: Since the passive has 7.5% chance to activate, each phase 1 will contain an average of 13.3 hits. Using the hits per minute ranges specified earlier and assuming the hits are evenly spaced, this means an average phase 1 will take between 15-30 ticks.

Phase 2: Since the cooldown is active for 15 seconds, each phase 2 will last 15 seconds, or 25 ticks.

Thus average cycles will be between 40-55 ticks.

  • 10 seconds (17 ticks) with the time rift active.
  • 23-38 ticks without the time rift.

With high hits per minute, ( 23 ticks x 0 damage boost + 17 ticks 20% damage boost ) / 40 total ticks = 8.5% dps boost. With low hits per minute ( 38 ticks x 0 damage boost + 17 ticks x 20% damage boost ) / 55 total ticks = 6.1% dps boost. The passive +8 style bonus results in approximately +0.4% damage for a player in full t92 gear with elder overloads and t99 curses, although this percentage would be higher if lower tier gear is used.

Taken all together, this results in an average dpm increase between 6.5%-8.9%. For a comparison to other pocket slot combat items, see Calculator:Combat/Combat pocket slot items.

It should be noted that the damage from the time rift is applied in one hit, and is subject to damage caps. The damage from the scripture is subject to a 10,000 damage cap. This means that for players with exceptionally good damage, capable of doing more than 50,000 damage while the time rift is active, the % damage increase will not be quite as high.

Drop sources[edit | edit source]

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