Scenario 7

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Scenario 7 is an achievement that requires the player to defeat Raksha, the Shadow Colossus after letting him reach 100% shadow energy in the first phase. This can only be completed in a solo instance.

Because Raksha's attacks and damage reduction increase as he empowers himself, he will obtain a 100% damage increase and a ?% damage reduction throughout the entire fight. This makes all of his attacks extremely dangerous; all of them must be prayer flicked, and all of his special attacks must be dealt with properly.

During phase 1, Raksha will only absorb anima to himself whenever he performs his Shadow Blast attack. In each Shadow Blast attack are two tail sweep/charge attacks, which spawn three shadow anima pools after the attack concludes - meaning that Raksha absorbs six pools during the first cycle, and twelve in the next. This will fill 30% of the bar on the first cycle, and 90% on the next, assuming no pools were destroyed - therefore, a minimum of three cycles are needed to reach 100%.

Thus, it is best to let these first two Shadow Blasts do the full heal, as the player will need to wait for three cycles no matter what. For the third Shadow Blast, leave only enough pools alive to provide exactly the remaining 10% shadow energy (this seems to be 5 pools but that is not confirmed), which will avoid excessively healing Raksha and extending the phase. During all Shadow Blasts, prioritize Devotion, then Debilitate and Reflect only if needed (keep in mind that each Blast is a typical magic attack, so Resonance will also provide a full heal).

Phases 2 and 3 proceed as usual, but Raksha will deploy five orbs for the poison mind attack, and launch six bombs for the shadow bomb attack.

During Phase 4, the player will need to deal 50,000 damage during the Erebus Charge special. With high-levelled gear, this should not be any trouble; the Inner Power buff combined with the Seren godbow special and thresholds inside a Death's Swiftness will easily clear it. However, if the player is unable to deal the damage required, the instant kill can be avoided by hiding behind one of the pillars. The usual strategy of staying calm and forcing Tail Sweeps rather than Shadow Bombs, in addition to prayer switching or using Resonance on auto-attacks, still applies.

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