Scarab catching

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A player hunting scarabs

Scarab catching is a Hunter technique requiring a minimum of 1 Hunter. Players can start catching scarabs at Het's Oasis after a brief talk with either Chito or Frito. Players can then handle the crocodiles in order to go catch the whirligig scarabs racing along the pools. Players can also stack scarabs caught while the crocodiles are out on the pool by continuing to click on scarabs before the crocodiles return to land. The maximum a player can stack is three scarabs at once, but this can be upgraded to five through Dundee's Crocodile Upgrades by catching a total of 3,000 scarabs.

The primary, non-stacked whirligig's shell will be returned to the shore briefly after it being caught successfully. There is a small chance for either primary or stacked catch to fail, in which case no shell or experience is generated. Stacked catches never generate shells.

Players can change the type of whirligig scarab that spawns in the pool depending on which flowers they put in the flower baskets found nearby. Each basket can hold up to 32 of one flower at a time and if a scarab is caught and returned by the crocodile, it will consume one of the flowers. For each threshold of eight flowers that are on a flower basket, one of the plain whirligigs is replaced by the respective scarab.

Upon hitting certain thresholds of scarabs caught, players can unlock upgrades for scarab catching from Dundee's Crocodile Upgrades.

Level Creature Experience Flower needed Shell Prayer powder
1 Plain whirligig.png Plain whirligig 12 N/A Plain whirligig shell Powder of defence
1 Dazzling whirligig.png Dazzling whirligig 100 Golden roses Dazzling whirligig shell Powder of penance
30 Gliding whirligig.png Gliding whirligig 95 Roses Gliding whirligig shell Powder of protection
50 Swift whirligig.png Swift whirligig 180 Irises Swift whirligig shell Powder of item protection
70 Hasty whirligig.png Hasty whirligig 220 Hydrangeas Hasty whirligig shell Powder of pulverising
90 Speedy whirligig.png Speedy whirligig 450 Hollyhocks Speedy whirligig shell Powder of burials

Update history[edit | edit source]

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  • patch 24 January 2022 (Update):
    • The Volcanic Trapper outfit's double loot perk will now work with Scarab catching.
  • patch 17 January 2022 (Update):
    • Scarabs within Het's Oasis will now respawn at a faster rate during scarab catching.
  • patch 10 January 2022 (Update):
    • Catching Scarabs with crocodiles is now not shared between players.
    • Crocodiles will no longer get stuck behind a wall when dropping loot.
  • hotfix 4 January 2022 (Update):
    • Crocodiles will no longer get stuck during a Scarab catch if another player catches one first.