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Scamp was a homeless werewolf child who lived in Senntisten during the Second Age.

He frightened citizens with other Empty Children to get them to make offerings of gold and food.[1] One of the targets that Scabs assigned to Dandy, Ebony and Scamp was a vampyre.[2]

Scamp had a ferret impression which Scabs claimed was rubbish but appropriate for scaring citizens.[3]

References[edit | edit source]

  1. ^ A badly written message, written by Dandy, RuneScape. "Oi Scabs,
    That trader you was talking about came by earlier and left some good stuff on the doorstep. Me and Ebony have been dishing it to the Empty Children as best we can, but we've put some of the gold away into the box like you said. I don't know why we ain't spending it though. That's a lot of bread we could be getting, maybe even some clothes for that amount. Still, you're the boss, so we'll do what you say."
  2. ^ The message in the box, written by Scabs, RuneScape. "I've got a list of tasks I need you to do for the next mark. [...] Then you should take Ebony and Scamp with you and make some spooky noises. [...] This mark seems a little tougher than the last lot, so be extra creepy and make sure you leave them clothes in the right shape. They gotta look like someone was wearing them before they was eaten, not like someone laid out some clothes on the floor for someone to put on. [...] With any luck this next mark will be even better pickings than the last one."
  3. ^ The message in the box, written by Scabs, RuneScape. "You know what scares these merchant types. Scraping metal (use a saucepan), chittering (get Scamp to do his ferret impression, he's rubbish but it's weird sounding) and the standard screaming."