Scaffolding (Senntisten Dig Site)

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Scaffolding are scenery object located in Senntisten. One is located near the archaeologist's workbench and Jimmy. It can be studied to unlock the Crossing that Bridge research. The other is located in the south-west section of the city, and can be squeezed through once a certain point has been reached in the Empty Children mystery. Squeezing through the scaffolding leads to a house where the Investigator's note can be found under a chair. Once the mystery has been completed and the mystery solved, the scaffolding cannot be squeezed through any more, and becomes non-interactive again.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Unlike most scenery used for Special research, the study action on the scenery doesn't go away once the relevant research is uncovered. Instead, if changes to Squeeze through once the research is completed.