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For other scarabs, see Scarab (disambiguation).

Scabarites refers to any of the followers of Scabaras, the God of the Scarabs. The Scabarites are fairly strong monsters, and can hit rather hard. As they generally share the same dungeon area, and have various combat styles, it can be fairly difficult to fight them even with protection prayers. Scabarites are susceptible to the effects of the keris dagger.

Scabarites include:

Scabarite can also refer to these, although note that they do not count for slayer assignments:

Slayer strategy[edit | edit source]

  • When given Scabarites as a Slayer task, any of the Scabarites listed above will count, except Scabaras locust, Scarab larvae, and the High Priest of Scabaras. The quest-only giant scarabs and their minions they summon do not count.
  • They are generally assigned to slayer tasks in fairly mediocre numbers (Duradel/Lapalok assigns between 40 and 79).
  • Cannons could come in handy for those who can afford it.
  • Using full Guthan's is a reasonable slayer strategy.
  • Scarabites occasionally drop raw fish, which can be utilised with the Bunyip.
  • A fast method to finish a Scabarite task is to use the Dwarf multicannon and melee in the Sophanem Dungeon. These drop charms, unlike the Scabarites in the other locations, and often drop Crimson charms. However, this method is not popular due to the high risks.
  • Another fast method is by slaying the small scarabs in the bottom floor of the Uzer Mastaba pyramid after the Missing My Mummy quest.
    • Quick access via Fairy ring DLQ then going to the bottom floor and pass through the cave-in on the eastern side.
    • Easy to kill, as the small scarabs are level 42.
    • Cannons would be very efficient.
  • In the swamp area east of the Agility Pyramid:
    • The monsters use both ranged and melee attacks.
    • Stay in the place (as in the image) to make them non-aggressive in very short period of time.
    • Do not leave the square.
    • Stay south of the statue in swampy area to avoid the desert heat effect.
    • Another strategy is to trap the two meleers and use protect from ranged while between the two ranger spawns.
  • In the dungeon under Sophanem:
    • Make sure to bring a lantern and tinderbox.
    • Lower level of dungeon: prayer potions and high healing food are necessary as well as a Dwarf Cannon. After banking at Sophanem, go down the ladder and head west past the Scabaras mage. Deactivate the nearby trap and go down the ladder. Run to the north-west ladder and go up. Run as far south as you can and take the ladder a little to the west. Set the cannon up in the middle of the room and pray Protect from Missiles since the Scabaras rangers hit quite often. With this, Scabarite tasks take less than 10 minutes. If you have completed the seers diaries replace your lantern/tinderbox with the Seer's headband as it is a light source in itself, thereby rendering the attack that puts out your light source useless.
    • Upper level of dungeon: individual Scabaras mages and rangers patrol this level, so even though they are aggressive it is usually possible to fight just one Scabarite at a time. Also, a slain Scarabarite respawns quickly, so it is practical to stay in one spot and just slay the same one multiple times. Be careful of the traps on this level.
  • In the Ullek dungeon:
    • Don't wander into large caverns or you will be attacked by several Scabarites at the same time.
    • Very often, only one of two Scabarites will wander off from the main caverns to passages, allowing to deal with them easily.
    • Bring antipoison or Holy symbol/Prayer book since there are traps.

Habitats[edit | edit source]

  • The Sophanem Dungeon, which features in the Contact! quest.
  • Ullek dungeon, which features in the Dealing with Scabaras quest.
  • The swamp area east of the Dealing with Scabaras dungeon. There is a fair-sized group congregating around a statue to the farthest east. Stay a few squares south of this statue to avoid needing water. The swamp turns to a desert there.