Saradomin Have Mercy

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Saradomin Have Mercy is a ghost story obtained during the 2017 Hallowe'en event. It is found within The Ghastly Grimoire journal given out at the start of the event.

Transcript[edit | edit source]

The following text is transcluded from Transcript:Saradomin Have Mercy.

[The following was transcribed from a note found in the Barrows.]

Saradomin have mercy.

Five days and nights I have been trapped in this gods-forsaken crypt. Or at least I THINK it has been that long. It could be much longer or shorter. There is scarcely any means to determine the passing of time save for the rhythm of the creatures that also roam this place. one of the spirits near me? Will I be killed in its rage? No, I will not! Saradomin will protect me, I swear...he has to! Won't he? Surely he is strong enough to save me from some catacombs.

I have tried fruitlessly to undo the sorcery that leaves me trapped in this place. Who placed it, I know not...perhaps some foul necromancer of Zamorak that will not let the dead have their peace. It tries my faith, this place. I will not let it faze me. He will be faithful...he will be faithful...he will be faithful...

He has been with me slaying beasts and horrors of all kinds, surely he can reach me now. No, he is more than capable of setting some restless souls to sleep. Oh, there comes another one now, angered. I fear what may happen if I fall into its hands. Will I be bound to wander these cursed tombs forever as they are?

I hear the creeping of bugs. My supplies wear thin.

He must be testing my faith, that must be why he delays. Oh, they stalk me more now, whisper in my ears that I am doomed to their fate. No, I will not! Saradomin's wisdom prevails. I will cry day and night. He will hear me, he must...

Yes, I will keep a record. I will not succumb to madness. I will recount how he has saved me. I will tell this tale so others will rejoice. I will escape. I will not be a restless soul. I will see the faithful dead when my time comes, sing with them...long in the future, not now.

Lord of wisdom, I am so hungry. Thank you for at least leaving me some rats.

[Some of the writing is obscured by dirt and blood.]

He will prevail...he will prevail...


Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This story was written by the player Zorial.[1]

References[edit | edit source]

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