Sandstone boulder

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A sandstone boulder is an interactive piece of scenery located in the Imperial district of Menaphos and on Anachronia near the northern totem location. Each can be mined to build a cactus patch after giving 12 acadia logs to Zahra in Menaphos or 12 magic logs to Goob on Anachronia.

The boulder is mined in two stages, first into a few large chunks and then into small pieces. It takes 244 swings (12 minutes and 12 seconds approx.) to mine through the entire boulder, with nearly every swing yielding Mining experience scaled to the player's level. The total experience gained is equivalent to that of a huge XP lamp. Every attempt is successful, making this an excellent source of Mining experience. Mining & Smithing rework mechanics do not apply, and the whole task may take a few minutes.

Once mined, players must construct the patch using 11 planks one at a time, with each action granting Construction experience that scales to the player's level. No planks are required, as Zahra and Goob made planks using the Acadia and magic logs, respectively.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Despite handing 12 logs to either Zahra or Goob, in both cases the player only receives 11 planks back to build the cactus patch.
  • The examine text is likely a reference to conspiracy theories related to the building of the ancient Egyptian pyramids.