Salt the Wound

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Salt the Wound is a Ranged threshold ability that can be bought from the Shattered Worlds Reward Shop for 63,000,000 shattered anima as a package along with the Greater Dazing Shot. It requires level 65 Ranged to use.

The ability damage range begins at 37.6–188%, and can increase to a maximum of 73.6–368% with Punctured stacked ten times. Unlike Shatter, the Constitution stack-based threshold ability, Salt the Wound does not remove stacks of Punctured, and instead refreshes Punctured's duration. The duration is refreshed even if Salt the Wound misses (splashes).

Unlike its partner ability Greater Dazing Shot, Salt the Wound does not require a two-handed ranged weapon to use. However, due to its low damage against targets without Punctured and the fact that a two-handed weapon is required to apply Punctured stacks, using Salt the Wound without a two-handed ranged weapon is only advisable if fighting alongside at least one other player who is using a two-handed ranged weapon.

Table of Salt the Wound ranges
Number of Punctured stacks Minimum Maximum Notes
0 37.6% 188% N/A
1 41.2% 206% Exceeds the damage from Tight Bindings.png (40%–200%)
2 44.8% 224% Exceeds the damage from Bombardment.png[a 1] (43.8%–219%)
3 48.4% 242% Exceeds the damage from Flanking.pngPerk rank 1.png Tight Bindings.png (46%–230%)
4 52.0% 260% Exceeds the damage from Flanking.pngPerk rank 2.png Tight Bindings.png (52%–260%)
5 55.6% 278% N/A
6 59.2% 296% Exceeds the damage from Flanking.pngPerk rank 3.png Tight Bindings.png (58%–290%)
7 62.8% 314% N/A
8 66.4% 332% Exceeds the damage from Flanking.pngPerk rank 4.png Tight Bindings.png (64%–320%)
9 70.0% 350% N/A
10 73.6% 368% N/A
11 77.2% 386% Requires use of splintering arrows
12 80.8% 404% Requires use of splintering arrows
13 84.4% 422% Requires use of splintering arrows
  1. ^ Though Salt the Wound with two Punctured stacks exceeds the damage range of Bombardment, it lacks Bombardment's AoE properties.

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  • patch 22 July 2019 (Update):
    • Salt the Wound ability now uses the correct icon inside the skill guide.