Sallamakar Ro

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Sallamakar Ro is a verbal spell used by Kamil in the Desert Treasure quest, which is unavailable to the player.

The spell freezes the player and hits a double 50 life points. Even though the damage of the spell is low, being frozen and out of melee range might result in a quick death. Therefore, it's best to bring a long-ranged weapon along, preferably a high-level fire spell as this is Kamil's weakness.

Tactics[edit | edit source]

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Sallamakar Ro

As Kamil does not move, this spell might not prove dangerous. Though, this spell will always hit the player once before Kamil may be reached, as such players with a low combat level might have a hard time defeating Kamil. It is advised to bring a fast ranged weapon such as a magic shortbow or throwing knives as this will result in a quick death against Kamil.

When stunned, the player may not attack though eating is not disabled. Use this to your advantage.

Trivia[edit | edit source]