Nodon caretaker (Salabok)

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Salabok is a Nodon caretaker currently asleep within one of the chambers of the Nodon Hibernatorium. During Desperate Measures, Hannibus lets the player character into the dream shared between him and Vashara. In the dream, he is shown sending Vashara to the hibernatorium while he remains in the laboratory's main chamber. Once Vashara reaches it, he inputs a code on a pylon to open the shields protecting the sleeping dragonkin, and the player character will automatically memorize it so they can input it outside of the dream.

Salabok doesn't like being with Vashara, and complains that she is slow, always asks him the same question and always complains. Similarly, Vashara complains that Salabok is impatient, ignores her, and never takes her seriously

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Transcripts Nodon caretaker (Salabok) speaks in:

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