Sagittarian longbow

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The saggitarian longbow is a longbow located in the depths of Daemonheim. It can only be obtained and used while training Dungeoneering. It requires levels 99 Ranged and Defence to wield. It is dropped by Sagittare, a Dungeoneering boss found on the furnished floors, thereby giving the bow an indirect requirement of level 45 Dungeoneering.

In addition, the Sagittarian longbow and Hexhunter bow have both very similar stats, excluding the damage (with Sagittarian arrows). However, the Sagittarian longbow has slightly better overall defensive stats than the Hexhunter bow, but a lower damage bonus. This is balanced by the longbow having a slower speed. The hexhunter bow also possess a passive effect of dealing 20% more damage against magical targets, making it significantly more powerful than the Sagittarian longbow against such foes.

All longbows in Daemonheim act as shieldbows, allowing the use of defensive abilities which require a shield.

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