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Safety gloves are received in the Stronghold of Player Safety by searching the treasure chest on the second floor down inside the Jail Cell. The first time they are obtained you also receive 10,000 coins.

If the gloves are ever lost or destroyed, a new set can be obtained by searching the chest, although the coins will not be received again.

If the player dies within or outside the Stronghold of Player Safety, the gloves will appear with their gravestone (unless they happen to be one of the Items Kept on Death).

Although they are gloves, their appearance is much more like Vambraces with knuckle guards and spikes.

Combat stats[edit | edit source]

How to get them[edit | edit source]

These gloves can easily be obtained by doing the following:

  • Use the Jail entrance outside the back wall of the classroom.
  • Look behind the poster in the second jail cell on the left side.
  • Descend the staircase which immediately follows the three Mugger rooms.
  • Walk east and climb up the stairs. Navigate through the tunnels to the north-east room with the jail door and stairs.
  • Climb up the stairs and head down the hallway on the right.
  • Find the room with 3 level 36 Cockroach soldiers, which are not aggressive. Pull the old lever at the west end of this room.
  • Proceed out the south door of the room, then head a short distance east to the stairs and go down.
  • Once the player has gone down to the next level, enter through the Jail Door that is directly to the east.
  • Head south and then west down the passage, then north when the passage comes to a 4-way intersection.
  • In a very short distance, a large chest will be visible which lies in a small offshoot of the main hallway.
  • Inside this chest are the safety gloves and 10,000 coins.

If the player loses the gloves there will be another pair in the chest. The coins reward can only be obtained once.

Disassembly[edit | edit source]

Update history[edit | edit source]

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Their design seems to match the fighting boots from the Stronghold of Security. However there isn't a pair of gloves to match the fancy boots.
  • A player could previously get multiple safety gloves by having them in the inventory along with three items that are worth at least 2 coins each and dying (it is recommended to die somewhere near the chest of the gloves), going back to the place where the player died, and picking the gloves up off the floor after taking a pair from the safety gloves chest, resulting in ownership of two pairs.
  • Multiple pairs of Safety Gloves can now be obtained by searching the chest again.