Sacred metal fragments (The Bird and the Beast)

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Sacred metal fragments are items dropped in The Bird and the Beast world event. 1000 of them can be combined with rare equipment components dropped in the same manner to create cosmetic equipment overrides.

The fragments from the Battle of Lumbridge and these fragments are separate items and could not be used in place of new ones when creating overrides for current events, nor do they stack with one another. They also could not be used to unlock older overrides from previous events.

During The Bird and the Beast, they are rewarded for killing NPC soldiers, destroying or completing building, and when convoys disappear (whether this was due to failure or success), in quantities of 10 to 100. They may also be received while building, repairing or tearing down a building (5 at a time), while siphoning energy for your convoy (6 at a time for small, normal and large wisps, 8 at a time for enriched wisps) and while healing convoy NPCs (4 at a time). It is still possible to receive sacred metal fragments after your energy for the day has depleted. When you receive sacred metal fragments, one of the following messages appears in the chatbox, depending on your actions:

  • You find some sacred metal fragments.
  • You receive some sacred metal fragments, as a reward for helping to fill the <Armadyl/Bandos> convoy.
  • The fleeing <Armadylean/Bandosian> convoy drops some sacred metal fragments.
  • To reward your sabotage of the <Armadylean/Bandosian> faction's building, <Bandos/Armadyl> gives you some sacred metal fragments.
  • <Armadyl/Bandos> awards your construction efforts with some sacred metal fragments.

They are used to create the following overrides:

Concept art of the Armadylean overrides.
Armadyl symbol.png Armadylean overrides
Component Override
Aviansie wand component.png Aviansie wand component Aviansie wand
Aviansie throwing star component.png Aviansie throwing star component Aviansie throwing star
Aviansie claw component.png Aviansie claw component Aviansie claw
Aviansie shield component.png Aviansie shield component Aviansie shield
Bandos symbol.png Bandosian overrides
Component Override
Orkish wand component.png Orkish wand component Orkish wand
Orkish throwing axe component.png Orkish throwing axe component Orkish throwing axe
Orkish claw component.png Orkish claw component Orkish claw
Orkish shield component.png Orkish shield component Orkish shield

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Until the eighth phase in The Bird and the Beast, starting Wednesday 15 January 2014, sacred metal fragments received while building came in groups of 4.