Sacred Tradition of the Staff of Fire

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The Sacred Tradition of the Staff of Fire, otherwise known as the Sacred Order of the Staff of Fire, was an order of Zamorakian wizards founded by Kelavan the Red following their exile from the Wizards' Tower by Perien the Blue. They serve as a secret successor to the Red Order of wizards. Each wizard of the Tradition took on an apprentice to train, who then took on their own apprentice, eventually resulting in Wizard Ellaron becoming a red wizard.[1] They sought to destroy the second Tower in revenge for Unaia the Blue killing Zanmaron the Red and the subsequent prominence of the Blue Order.[2]

Ellaron, their latest member, managed to integrate himself into the Wizards' Tower, posing as a Blue wizard. He took Ariane as an apprentice, trying to induct her into the order, but decided against it, as she had too much of the Grey Order in her.[3] He tricked her into putting in effect the spell that he would need to destroy the Tower.[4] The souls of several wizards involved in the accidental destruction of the original Tower, trapped at the time of the destruction, appeared, condemning and mocking the divisive attitude of Ellaron and the order.[5][6] The souls worked together to save the Tower, taking Ellaron to the Abyss and presumably ending the Tradition.[7]

References[edit | edit source]

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