Sack of effigies

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The sack of effigies is a cape that can be obtained as a reward from Treasure Trails.

The drop chance of the sack of effigies is approximately 1/46,080 per reward spot from hard clues, and approximately 1/29,542 per reward spot from elite clues. As both hard and elite clues have an average of 5 rewards, the per-clue chance of receiving at least one sack of effigies is approximately 1/9216 (0.01085%) from hard clues and approximately 1/5909 (0.01692%) from elite clues. For a more detailed breakdown of drop mechanics and calculations, see Treasure Trails/Rewards.

It can be stored in a treasure chest of a player-owned house, where it is classified as a hard level item.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • There is a server-wide announcement when someone acquires this from a Treasure trail. The announcement refers to it as an "effigies cape".