Rushing (PvP tactic)

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Rushing is a tactic that is used in Clan Wars, Wilderness and other player-killing minigames. Rushers, players that utilise this tactic, wait until they find a suitable target. When their target is just finishing a battle and is hurt, they move in and attempt to quickly finish them off.

Previously rushing was generally melee based but with the Evolution of Combat update, all 3 points of the Combat triangle can now be used, with the right equipment and abilities. Some popular rushing weapons are Polypore staff for magic, Hand cannons for range and any of the various Godswords for melee.

Legacy mode still allows the use of special attacks with weapons such as the Armadyl godsword with no adrenaline requirements to use them. The high but slow damage of many two-handed weapons in Legacy can be ideal for rushing. Often times, a rusher will either use no armour at all, or use damage boosting armour that lacks in defence, such as rock-shell equipment.

Sometimes, rushers use Vengeance, Plank Make or some emotes, to stall movement and make their character seem to run faster. In the Wilderness, they mostly target players with low Defence, high priced armour (Bandos, Barrows equipment, etc.) or players training skills (using brawling gloves, etc.). Rushing usually works only when you have a high level weapon in the 70+ area.

Suggested equipment[edit | edit source]

High levels (melee)[edit | edit source]

Equipment slot Recommended equipment
Helmet Malevolent helm > Torva helmet > Bandos helmet > Rock-shell helm > Berserker helm
Body Malevolent cuirass > Torva platebody > Bandos chestplate > Rock-shell body
Legs Malevolent greaves > Torva platelegs > Bandos tassets > Rock-shell legs
Shield Off-hand weapons > Malevolent kiteshield > Chaotic kiteshield > Dragonfire shield
Weapon Noxius scythe > Chaotic maul > Drygore weapons > Ripper claws > Armadyl godsword > Vesta's longsword > Dragon claws > Other Godswords
Amulet Amulet of souls > Brawler's blood necklace > Amulet of fury > Amulet of glory
Gloves Razorback gauntlets > Torva gloves > Bandos gloves > Barrows gloves
Cape Completionist cape > TokHaar-Kal-Ket > Fire cape > Any Skillcape > Legend's cape
Boots Emberkeen boots > Torva boots > Bandos boots > Steadfast boots
Ring Ring of death > Asylum surgeon ring > Sixth-Age circuit > Warrior ring

These high level items are generally not used as it is not worth the risk, most high level rushers will use lower level armour such as rune, dragonhide and Batwing or none at all.

Low levels (melee)[edit | edit source]

Equipment slot Recommended equipment
Helmet Rune full helm > Adamant full helm
Body Rune platebody > Adamant platebody
Legs Rune platelegs > Adamant platelegs
Shield Rune defender > Adamant defender > Rune kiteshield
Weapon Dragon claws > Granite maul > Dragon dagger
Amulet Amulet of glory > Amulet of strength
Gloves Barrows gloves > Dragon gloves > Dragon gauntlets
Cape Obsidian cape
Boots Dragon boots > Rune boots
Ring Warrior ring > Berserker ring

Inventory[edit | edit source]

Rushers will generally fill their inventory with food but will also bring along several potions such as Super sets and Super restore/Prayer potions. For food, rocktail and shark are recommended for their high healing, though lower level players could also use more affordable lobster or monkfish.

Prayer[edit | edit source]

If using prayer, Turmoil/Anguish/Torment help the most, giving a large boost to damage. Piety is also a suitable choice for players without the 95 Prayer requirement for the curses. Low level players can use the best strength and attack boosting prayer available to them.

Leech Adrenaline can be used to steal any adrenaline the target may have, allowing for quick use of powerful threshold abilities.

Herblore[edit | edit source]

Use of Herblore is highly recommended as potions such as Overloads at 96 herblore may be used to give a small damage boost. Another useful untradeable potion is the Adrenaline potion at 84 herblore that will grant 25% adrenaline, giving quick access to threshold abilities.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Certain abilities have their damage increased when movement occurs such as Slaughter for melee and Fragmentation Shot for ranged.