Rush spells

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This article is about the rush spells in the Ancient Magicks spell book. For the weak Wind spell formerly in the Normal spellbook, see Wind rush.

Rush spells are the weaker group of single-target damaging Magic spells in the Ancient spellbook. The rush spells all cost one death runes and three elemental runes.

The rush spells are as follows:

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In January 2008, Jagex lowered the maximum hit of the original 4 rush spells (Smoke, Shadow, Blood, and Ice).
  • On 12 October 2010, Jagex released a very weak new spell for the Standard spellbook which could be used in Free-to-play called Wind Rush. It is notable that Wind Rush does not fit into the category of Rush spells, as it does not require Desert Treasure to be completed, and appears in a different spellbook as well. It has been removed from the game after the Evolution of Combat update.