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Runite ore is obtained from mining runite rocks, requiring level 50 Mining, and grants 125 Mining experience. Runite can be smelted in a furnace with 1 Luminite and 1 runite ore to form a rune bar, requiring level 50 Smithing. Rune bars can be smithed into various types of rune weapons and armour.

Using the superior locator, created at level 81 Divination, players can teleport to one of five runite mines across RuneScape. Players should be aware that two out of the five possible locations are within the Wilderness, and the player may encounter player killers; no warning will be given upon activation of the locator.

History[edit | edit source]

Runite has known for a long time, although it was not used at first, with runite being a rather weak metal.[1] In the Second Age, Saradominist dwarves discovered that runite ore smelted with luminite, while not physically stronger, projected an invisible energy field around it. This energy field would damage anything that comes into sudden contact with the item, which was found to be rather useful for making weapons and armour, although not much else.[2]

The magical properties of the metal gave rise to a belief that it was a gift from Saradomin himself. With runestones being subject to similar beliefs, the ore and metal came to be known as runite and rune, repectively. Even though it turned out the metal had no connection with runestones, the name ended up persisting.[3]

Mining[edit | edit source]

Runite ore.png Runite ore
Mining levelMining-icon.png 50Critical Hit Chance
SourceRunite rock20%30%
CoreYes check.svgMining-icon.png 56Mining-icon.png 58
Stone SpiritRunite stone spirit.png RuniteRockertunity Multiplier
GeodeSedimentary geode.png Sedimentaryx5x6
Rock statsMining-icon.png 54-
Durability600Double Ore Chance
Multiplier0.76Mining-icon.png 53-
Base Ore1Geode Chance
Varrock armour 1.pngVarrock armour 2.pngVarrock armour 3.pngVarrock armour 4.png10%15%
X mark.svgX mark.svgYes check.svgYes check.svgMining-icon.png 51-

Mine locations[edit | edit source]

The runite rocks in the wilderness

Transmutation[edit | edit source]

Divination Level Initial resource Energy Result DivinationXP Profit/loss
96 6 Adamantite ore.png Adamantite ore 10 Incandescent energy 10.png Incandescent energy 1 Runite ore.png Runite ore 23.2 590

Drop sources[edit | edit source]

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SourceCombat levelQuantityRarityMembers
Adventurer's chestN/A1–8UnknownF2P icon.png
Falador resource bundleN/A1UnknownF2P icon.png
Glowing crackerN/A5CommonP2P icon.png

Disassembly[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Rune ore RSC.png
  • Runite ore used to be called rune ore.
  • Runite is considered a delicacy to dragons, as discovered in the Varrock Museum.

References[edit | edit source]

  1. ^ Design - Both - Metals, written by Mod Jack, RuneScape. "While the strange, bright blue metal was known to the early dwarves they found the resulting metal weak and could find no use for it."
  2. ^ Design - Both - Metals, written by Mod Jack, RuneScape. "In the Second Age, Saradominist dwarves searching for new sources of adamantite experimented by smelting the blue ore with luminite, and the results were fantastic. Despite being soft and deformable to a degree which would normally be useless for making weapons and armour, properly refined rune metal which has been smelted with luminite projects a kind of invisible energy field around it. This energy field damages and disrupts anything that comes into sudden contact with it, which works superbly both offensively and defensively. Attacks with rune weapons almost tear their opponents apart, while rune armour will deflect incoming blows from lesser materials like steel or mithril. The dwarves found the energy field too unstable to use in devices or as a power source, so the use of the metal never spread beyond weaponry."
  3. ^ Design - Both - Metals, written by Mod Jack, RuneScape. "Amongst Saradominists it was the belief that runes were the personal creations and gifts of their god. The properties of runite were so incredible that they believed it to have a similar origin, and named it for that reason. By the time they discovered that there was no relationship, the name had stuck."
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Item ID451 +
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