Runecrafting altar (Dungeoneering)

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For the standard variant, see Runecrafting altar.

Runecrafting altars appear in Dungeoneering for players to craft necessary runes for puzzles and combat. There is always one in the start room of each dungeon, although sometimes they are placed in other rooms to reduce the need to return back to the start to craft.

They are unique to other altars because they can craft any rune in pay-to-play (with the exception of Soul runes) and being able to craft all runes from air runes up to death runes in free-to-play. The altar also can craft the runes without the randomness of the Ourania Altar and also allows players to create elemental staves, as long as the player has the required runecrafting level (the creation of these staves have been removed prior to The Evolution of Combat. They still exist in-game, as they can be received from the dungeon start room or as a drop from the Unholy Cursebearer). Runes crafted on these altars only give 2% of the crafted rune's true experience, so these altars are impractical for training Runecrafting. These altars do not create runes out of rune essence or pure essence like other runecrafting altars. Instead, runes are crafted with essence pouches obtainable by either buying them from the Smuggler or obtaining them from a monster drop within the dungeon. Rune essence always cost 50 coins when you buy them from the Smuggler.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • When Runecrafting, the player seems to be holding an air rune no matter what rune is being crafted.
  • Also, when the player runecrafts their last set of runes, the air rune turns into a different rune for a split second (that rune is different every time and sometimes it is multiple), but this happens very quickly, so you have to be looking closely.
  • The player only crafts ten runes at a time.
  • Every fourth set of runes the player crafts, the player stops moving, but the animation for the symbol appearing on the rune keeps going.
  • The amount of runes used is not equal to the amount of emotes the player performs.