Rune dust (Runespan)

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For the Rune dust obtained by grinding rune/pure essence, see Rune dust.
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Rune dust is obtained by siphoning a runesphere in the Runespan. After a runesphere has been destroyed, players can cash in all of their dust with the pure energy left by the runesphere for Runecrafting experience.

25 Runecrafting experience is gained for every dust obtained. Players can only redeem a max of 1000 dust a day. Bonus XP will be used when turning in Rune Dust.

Note: Rune dust can only be cashed in once per day. If you log out or went to the lobby after siphoning a Runesphere, you won't be able to get any more Rune dust when you get back. You will get the message: You have already siphoned from a Runesphere today. You will still earn XP, but no rune dust.

When leaving the Runespan, the dust will not be removed from your inventory, and can then be deposited in the bank if you wish to save it for later.

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