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A rune bar is a bar of metal, refined through the Smithing skill by smelting runite ore and luminite in a furnace, requiring 50 Smithing and granting 10 Smithing experience. You can smelt rune bars 25% and 50% faster at 53 and 56 Smithing respectively. At 57 Smithing, you gain a chance of smelting an extra bar without using extra materials.

At any anvil, players can smith rune bars into various rune weapons and armour. A list of items that may be produced from rune bars, the Smithing levels required to produce them, and other information may be found here.

Lore[edit | edit source]

Runite, despite the name, has no direct connection to runes or rune essence. While the strange, bright blue metal was known to the early dwarves they found the resulting metal weak and could find no use for it. In the Second Age, Saradominist dwarves searching for new sources of adamantite experimented by smelting the blue ore with luminite, and the results were fantastic.

Despite being soft and deformable to a degree which would normally be useless for making weapons and armour, properly refined rune metal which has been smelted with luminite projects a kind of invisible energy field around it. This energy field damages and disrupts anything that comes into sudden contact with it, which works superbly both offensively and defensively. Attacks with rune weapons almost tear their opponents apart, while rune armour will deflect incoming blows from lesser materials like steel or mithril. The dwarves found the energy field too unstable to use in devices or as a power source, so the use of the metal never spread beyond weaponry.

Amongst Saradominists it was the belief that runes were the personal creations and gifts of their god. The properties of runite were so incredible that they believed it to have a similar origin, and named it for that reason. By the time they discovered that there was no relationship, the name had stuck.[1]

Smithing[edit | edit source]

Rune bar.png: RS3 Inventory image of Rune barRune bar
Smithing level Smithing 50
Used with Anvil, Furnace
Experience (per bar)
Smithing 240 XP
Equipment 18.72 XP
Experience (per ore)
Smelting 10 XP
Equipment 0.78 XP

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Smelting[edit | edit source]

Rune bar.png Rune bar
Smithing-Make-X GE icon.png
10 XP-2,372
Smithing Smithing level50
P2P icon.png Members onlyNo
Runite ore.pngRunite ore11,0261,026
Total price2,010

Cost analysis[edit | edit source]

Method Cost Profit
Furnace.png: Inventory image of Furnace Furnace 2,010 362
Superheat Item.png: RS3 Inventory image of Superheat ItemSuperheat Item [cost 1] 2,442 -70
Blast Furnace icon.jpg: Inventory image of Blast Furnace Blast Furnace 1,026 1,346
  1. ^ Cost analysis is based on the use of a staff of fire or equivalent

Products[edit | edit source]

Item Skill Materials GE Price
Concentrated alloy bar.png Concentrated alloy bar99 Smithing36,031
Elder rune bar.png Elder rune bar90 Smithing9,075
Junk refiner.png Junk refiner22 Invention13,870
Kinetic cyclone.png Kinetic cyclone70 Inventionn/a
Off-hand rune knife.png Off-hand rune knife50 Smithing419
Off-hand rune throwing axe.png Off-hand rune throwing axe50 Smithing355
Oldak coil.png Oldak coil70 Inventionn/a
Rune 2h sword.png Rune 2h sword50 smithing18,670
Rune 2h sword + 1.png Rune 2h sword + 150 smithing51,930
Rune 2h sword + 2.png Rune 2h sword + 250 smithing92,002
Rune 2h sword + 3.png Rune 2h sword + 350 smithing61,577
Rune armoured boots.png Rune armoured boots50 smithing5,391
Rune armoured boots + 1.png Rune armoured boots + 150 smithing16,097
Rune armoured boots + 2.png Rune armoured boots + 250 smithing32,644
Rune armoured boots + 3.png Rune armoured boots + 350 smithing39,555
Rune arrowheads 5.png Rune arrowheads50 Smithing134
Rune battleaxe.png Rune battleaxe50 smithing18,872
Rune battleaxe + 1.png Rune battleaxe + 150 smithing34,020
Rune battleaxe + 2.png Rune battleaxe + 250 smithing65,233
Rune battleaxe + 3.png Rune battleaxe + 350 smithing70,848
Rune bolts (unf) 5.png Rune bolts (unf)50 Smithing197
Rune chainbody.png Rune chainbody50 smithing9,173
Rune chainbody + 1.png Rune chainbody + 150 smithing77,033
Rune chainbody + 2.png Rune chainbody + 250 smithing152,710
Rune chainbody + 3.png Rune chainbody + 350 smithing118,746
Rune claws.png Rune claws50 smithing9,976
Rune claws + 1.png Rune claws + 150 smithing33,340
Rune claws + 2.png Rune claws + 250 smithing66,680
Rune claws + 3.png Rune claws + 350 smithing107,865
Rune dagger.png Rune dagger50 smithing9,448
Rune dagger + 1.png Rune dagger + 150 smithing33,340
Rune dagger + 2.png Rune dagger + 250 smithing66,680
Rune dagger + 3.png Rune dagger + 350 smithing110,730
Rune dart tip.png Rune dart tip50 Smithing242
Rune full helm.png Rune full helm50 smithing5,773
Rune full helm + 1.png Rune full helm + 150 smithing25,776
Rune full helm + 2.png Rune full helm + 250 smithing53,696
Rune full helm + 3.png Rune full helm + 350 smithing41,842
Rune gauntlets.png Rune gauntlets50 smithing4,437
Rune gauntlets + 1.png Rune gauntlets + 150 smithing16,312
Rune gauntlets + 2.png Rune gauntlets + 250 smithing32,852
Rune gauntlets + 3.png Rune gauntlets + 350 smithing40,428
Rune hasta.png Rune hasta50 Smithing13,837
Rune hatchet.png Rune hatchet50 Smithing8,001
Rune kiteshield.png Rune kiteshield50 smithing18,270
Rune kiteshield + 1.png Rune kiteshield + 150 smithing34,566
Rune kiteshield + 2.png Rune kiteshield + 250 smithing62,169
Rune kiteshield + 3.png Rune kiteshield + 350 smithing46,283
Rune knife.png Rune knife50 Smithing435
Rune limbs.png Rune limbs50 Smithing8,267

Drop sources[edit | edit source]

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Glowing cracker Multicombat.png(noted)CommonP2P icon.png
Spirit impling54 Hunter-icon.png1UnknownP2P icon.png
Spirit impling jarN/A Reward1UnknownP2P icon.png
WildyWyrm (historical)382 Multicombat.png1; 15 (noted)UncommonP2P icon.png

Disassembly[edit | edit source]

Update history[edit | edit source]

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  • patch 8 March 2011 (Update):
    • Several references to ‘runite’ bars have been corrected to rune bars.
  • patch 9 November 2010 (Update):
    • Adamant/rune bars are no longer listed as adamantite/runite, as these are the names of the ores, not the metal.

References[edit | edit source]

  1. ^ Mod Jack. "Design - Both - Metals." Development Diaries.