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Nice, but I rate it for 4, because:

- Merchanting clans started after 1-2 months of Jagex added the GE. - The article don't talk from the junk trading, but it's a well known method after the releasing of the GE... -- 13:50, October 3, 2009 (UTC)

I happened to read this article because Stelercus mentioned editorials... I think this is worth mentioning: The people who don't make money in a merchanting clan are only the unranked people who actually listen to the ranked members. The process is as such: The owner and ranked friends of the owner decide on an item. They buy it for a few days, then they release its name to the unranked members. The unranked members can be split into two groups: those who listen and those who are intelligent. Those who listen buy the item at max price as long as the ranked members say so. Those who are intelligent also buy at max price, but they sell the item before the ranked members say so. The sell price is said to be anywhere between double and triple the starting price, but the time that the ranked members sell is always before that. Those who are intelligent sell before the price reaches double, which is before the ranked members sell. The ranked members then sell while to those who listen are still buying, the listeners Then the ranked members use a lame, repeated excuse such as "Another clan sabotaged us," or "You people sold early" to explain why the price began dropping. Those who listen swallow the excuse and try to sell, but the price continues to fall as the demand decreases because those who listen are selling and the supply increases because those who are intelligent and the ranked members have already sold. Those who listen are left with an unsellable item with a plummeting price. The process repeats itself. Selling early is frowned upon because the unranked members are the reason the price rises, and they have to continue buying to give the ranked members a place to sell.Those who listen eventually turn into those who are intelligent, which is why there is such a heavy focus on advertisement. The ranked members need more people who will listen. Advertisement is incentivised with promise of ranking, which rarely occurs. Sorry for ranting... Leftiness 20:09, April 5, 2010 (UTC)