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Although I don't like the thought of "obtaining" information from other fansites, one particular site comes to mind. I think they have a complete listing of all the shops in RuneScape, and have details for each store. We could refer to their data, "use" their database, and update our articles accordingly.

The link to their database is: Shop Database   az talk   07:35, 15 December 2008 (UTC)

This is at least a list to compare to here. Thanks. Another site to look at:'s Store database
Sal's city guides - which also includes shop information
Still, I'd have to agree. We can obtain the information simply from playing the game and getting into the areas ourselves without having to mess with the other guides... not to mention that I don't want restrict ourselves to how they are organized on the other sites. --Robert Horning 08:49, 15 December 2008 (UTC)
On a personal note, i've used all of these sites and their shop databases regularly. I think I'll try to compile info from all of the above and cross-relate it so that i can get a better overview as to how to organise the data for our wiki. (Finding cross-site discrepancies has always been a favourite thing of mine as those areas require further investigation). If we could it would be very helpful to me (and my style of thinking/processing) to pick a few stores of the unique types (General, Culinaromancer's Chest, et al.) that represent the variety of unique store types and work on getting the format, layout, and data presented in a way that makes cohesive sense for this wiki. Once i can see a clear pattern I can be more effective in making suggestions for tweaks, styles, layouts, data presented, and cross-article navigation. I would be very interested in seeing something akin to a virtual database query by simply reading an item article (e.g., Bucket, Tinderbox, etc.) and having a navbox at the bottom of the item article that shows what stores/locations sell the item at what prices/stock. Naturally I don't think every last iota will necessarily fit into this wiki (even though i wish it could), but I love being able to cross-reference information more than not. My apologies if these thoughts are a bit sporadic, currently i have a head cold and my other excuse is that i'm an airheadsign (astrologically that is). ~kytti khat 00:36, 16 December 2008 (UTC)