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Hard mode[edit source]

So why hard mode? Santa hat.png Powers38 おはようヾ(´・ω・`) 08:07, June 12, 2014 (UTC)

I added a section on hard mode to the article. Unless there is going to be someone standing by in the lobby to bless graves, I thought it worth pointing out that graves are unlikely to be blessed. --Saftzie (talk) 21:09, June 12, 2014 (UTC)

---Saftie you are indeed correct to say that you have to be in the lobby to bless. Luckily for the whole evening people got blessed by other people who came in, and we advised in the FC to use Signs of Respite (this should indeed be added on the page next time). Even though we did not instantly go out, we would if the person would not make it back in time.

Next time I might have a backup login just for the blessing, so we can guarantee insta blessing as opposed to blessing if there is not enough time for the person who died to come back.

---Powers: We have had multiple normal GWD events. On some of the previous GWD events people requested to do hard GWD so that is the reason really (And because I secretly wanted it too=p)

EDIT: Future events will be a mix of Normal and Hard GWD. Probably at a ratio of 3 normal vs 1 Hard or so depending on requests.

 UwS Kamikazi (talk) 21:13, June 15, 2014 (UTC)