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This talk page is for discussing the RuneScape:Don't be a dick page.

Comment 1- A noob? A "noob" is usually considered someone who is highly annoying in that they ask for things to be done for them, where they don't want to do things themselves (not to be confused with a newb or newbie who is willing to learn and do things for themselves). "Noob" doesn't fit in with what the policy asks of the community. I think "troll" would fit much better. A troll is a mean person in general, a property "dicks" share. I'm sure all of us RuneScape players have met trolls, and we know what they are. If what we were aiming for with this title was to make it RuneScape-themed, I'm sure "troll" would work just as well if not better. Quest point cape.pngLil Diriz 77 Talk Summoning-icon.png 07:18, April 9, 2010 (UTC)

Comment 2- The "noob" can also seem like an act of bullying. Calling players a noob or even saying it as a joke can upset many players. Some players speculate that noob is not considered offensive as it is not starred to frowned upon. However, it could be a marketing scheme to cause more players to play runescape for longer (thus buying more membership), until they reach to a level when they can no longer be called a "noob", which may be why it does not bother Jagex. This is a theory with a good foundation however, this could be speculation.

Calling players trolls would be better as it is a universal term (in other games, mmorpg's and even YouTube), however, it could also be as offensive as noob (if not worse as it discriminates further) and may cause a breakdown in the hierachy of players.11:24. April 9 2010. Omgitsobamma

I cant take this seriously[edit source]

And I really doubt anyone over the age of 12 can either. Noob? Who the hell gets offended at being called a noob? We're missing the entire point of using the phrase "Don't be a dick". Yes it is offensive. It is meant to be offensive. That is the entire point of using that word. It is a harsh a enough word and statement that it should really tell you that your behavior fails at all levels of decency. It tells you your screwing up. If you have any clue at all, and want to be someone who works towards common goals, being called that should wake you up to the fact that your doing something very very wrong.
And what impression are you left with when being called a noob? You ignore it, it is some silly 12 yr olds idea of an insult. Nobody cares, it doesn't bother you, it will not wake you up to the fact that your behavior is in serious need of examining. Using the word noob in this essay defeats the entire purpose of this essay. It really really does. And so why even bother having a pointless essay? I can't think of a reason at all.--Degenret01 20:09, May 1, 2010 (UTC)

There was consensus for the policy to be "Don't be a Noob" over the other possible option. If you would like to change that, take it to the Yew Grove so consensus can be determined again. Magic-icon.pngStelercusIlluminated Book of Balance.png 15:52, June 22, 2010 (UTC)
Stating for the record here there was not any consensus on the title of this essay at all. --Degenret01 23:29, June 27, 2010 (UTC)

Dick[edit source]

I lol'd --Iiii I I I 20:57, July 7, 2010 (UTC)

This is sad...[edit source]

Dont be a noob was so much better, and that image on the page doesn't help >.> Red Revolt 21:32, July 9, 2010 (UTC)

What the hell is this??[edit source]

A... a banana? I thought we established that not being a penis or anything shaped like one has nothing to do with not being a mean jerk to people. It has zero relevance to the essay. The essay does not ask that you do not be a penis, it asks that you do not be a mean jerk to people. The essay does not mention penises (nor does it mention bananas, what the hell?), so why have we input an image there? I'm removing it. To be honest, it would make more sense to have this on the essay than a banana. At least the metawiki's image shares the same word as the title. I'm not offended by the banana, but it has even less relevance to the essay than the image of a penis, if that is possible (less than zero relevance? wut). Quest point cape.pngLil Diriz 77 Talk Summoning-icon.png 08:33, July 11, 2010 (UTC)

Hell, for a split second when I first saw the banana image I really wondered why we had a picture of a usually yellow fruit with a wreath around it on our essay. Quest point cape.pngLil Diriz 77 Talk Summoning-icon.png 08:34, July 11, 2010 (UTC)
You're noooo fun :P kitty.pngPsycho Robot talkSilver bar.png 08:18, July 26, 2010 (UTC)

And a dick is...?[edit source]

This doesn't actually clarify on what it means by a dick. Matt (t) 08:13, August 24, 2010 (UTC)

Five things[edit source]

  1. Lol, from what I hear there used to be a bannana...where'd it go :(
  2. I don't think the nutshell summary helps much and I don't think a rewording would help, can we remove it?
  3. Im almost certain that dickishness not a word...
  4. I agree with the change from noob to dick but I still think something like "Dont be a jerk" would be better
  5. Lol, couldn't read this without pissing myself which shows how mature I am and is also one if the reasons I think the name should be changed. If I was a vandal and this was quoted at me I'd laugh and wipe pages replacing them with "@lest I haz a dik y0u f4gs". - [Pharos] 13:29, September 5, 2010 (UTC)

More appropriate name...[edit source]

Well, this page is, I'll admit, well written. It was kind of like Scarface instead of the article being overloaded with "dick" instead of "fuck". But, it's still offensive to some people. After toying around with some ideas (including "douche), I think that the most appropriate word would probably be "ass". So, I think that this article would be best if changed to "RuneScape talk:Don't be an ass". Gumba johnny 22:36, April 21, 2011 (UTC)

We've already had discussions about changing the name. See Forum:Change DBAN to DBAD, Forum:Is DBAD really nessary?, and Forum:DBAD: do we really need it?. --Aburnett(Talk) 23:04, April 21, 2011 (UTC)