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In violet is blue..why is it I can only go North to south & East to west ...sliding all the way from one side to the other? when your map to follow shows angles ???? I have tried about 50 times to complete and failed ..ARGHHHHH I would really like to finish so I can do the Christmas Violet ..Please HELPPPPPPPPP! Thank you Opal Rose Kush

Impious Ashes has Imp marked as members only?[edit source]

I'm too new to be messing with this, but I noticed in the page for Impious Ashes in the chart that shows where it is dropped, the Imp is a members only monster. I'm f2p and see them all over the place, especially north (just south of wilderness wall) Krow Dawnstar (talk) 02:34, 31 March 2021 (UTC)